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Roof Cleaning Worthing

Local Roof Cleaning in Worthing 

At Rejuv Exteriors we are experts in roof cleaning in Worthing and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of a well-maintained roof in preserving the integrity of your property. Our specialised roof cleaning services in Worthing are tailored to cater to the unique needs of your residential or commercial property, ensuring a clean and rejuvenated exterior.

Worthing, with its diverse architectural landscape and coastal proximity, presents distinctive challenges when it comes to roof maintenance. Our experienced cleaning technicians at Rejuv Exteriors are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to address these challenges effectively. 

Whether your property is located in Goring-by-Sea, Ferring, Durrington, Broadwater, Salvington, Findon, High Salvington, West Worthing, Tarring or the nearby areas, we use a combination of expertise and advanced equipment to ensure a thorough and efficient roof cleaning process, enhancing the curb appeal and longevity of your property.

roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning Services in Worthing

Our roof cleaning services in Worthing are designed to meet the unique needs of your property. Our skilled cleaning technicians use a range of techniques tailored to the specific requirements of your roof, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process. Whether your property boasts a traditional tiled roof, a modern metal roof, or any other roofing material, we adapt our methods to achieve optimal results. 

By removing corrosive residues of pollution, moss, algae, and other contaminants, our roof cleaning services in Worthing not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your roof but also contribute to its longevity. Our roof cleaning process extends to clearing mud, silt, and leaves from your gutters, promoting proper drainage and preventing potential water damage. 

Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that as of March, a significant 63% of households in Worthing were residing in homes with an energy efficiency rating of ‘D’ or below. At Rejuv Exteriors, we recognise the impact a clean roof can have on improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills in Worthing properties

Our expert roof cleaning services in Worthing go beyond aesthetics, actively contributing to a more energy-efficient home. A clean roof reduces heat absorption, preventing unnecessary energy loss, and enhances insulation, therefore improving the energy efficiency of your home. 

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    Roof Cleaning Services in Worthing

    Our roof cleaning services are a cost-effective way of adding a beautiful like-new aesthetic to your home. We don’t only clean, but also kill off any harmful bacteria, moss, and algae that eat away at your tiles materials.

    Our roof cleaning packages can add thousands of pounds of visual value to your home, so whether you are re-selling, or just take pride in your house aesthetic, we have the right packages for you.

    Roof Cleaning Process

    Every roof cleaning job is different, as every roof is unique and has different issues. 

    The first thing we do before we clean your roof is to assess what method of cleaning we should use. Some tiles are sturdy and strong, others will fall apart by just looking at them. Therefore I have included all of our cleaning packages below for you to see our methods.

    First we block the downpipes so the moss from the roof doesn't clog up the gutters.
    We then start the moss removal and scrape the moss down into the gutters, before cleaning them.
    Depending on how old the roof tiles are, we would then potentially use a soft surface cleaner to wash the dirt and algae away.
    If the roof tiles are particularly old, we would use a technique called soft washing. This is when we use a chemical called Sodium Hypochlorite, that sterilises the roof and kills all of the algae and baacetria, whislt also restoring the natural colour of the roof tiles.
    Roof clean job in Waterlooville

    Roof cleaning before and after

    Method: Moss removal, surface clean, no chemical.

    Also bought a pressure washing service.

    Before and After roof cleaning in Steyning

    Roof cleaning job completed in Worthing.

    Method: Moss removal, surface cleaning, and Softwash chemical.

    Average Roof Clean Cost

    Would you like an accurate quote? Contact us and we will get that to you right away.

    These prices are based on a rough estimation. They can vary depending on access and location. 

    House Type

    Roof Clean

    Extra Small (0 – 39 m2)


    Small (40 – 95 m2)


    Medium (96 – 155 m2)


    Large (156 – 200 m2)


    Extra Large (201 – 250 m2)


    For a variety of data, you can also check out Checkatrades Roof Cleaning prices.

    Service Quality

    We are extremely proud of the refined techniques and processes that we use to treat and rejuvenate your home. 

    After much research, we found it best to use a mix of different methods to clean your roof.  Many exterior cleaning companies use a one-method-suits-all approach.

    Getting on the Roof VS Scaffold Tower

    As all roofs are different we are prepared for the most difficult and awkward of tasks! Sometimes we may use a ridge ladder to access very tricky parts of a roof, while also being able to clean the ridge effectively.

    Other times a scaffold tower is much easier and is a much better and safer technique on older rooves, as a ridge ladder can damage fragile tiles.

    Pressure Washing VS Soft Washing

    Many exterior roof cleaners use pressure washing lance as a technique to clean rooves, but we use the latest and most effective treatment on our customers’ homes.

    Pressure washing with a concentrated jet stream can damage tiles and crack them due to the weathering that happens. It is also much more likely that many tiles will break as the exterior cleaner will have to maneuver his body weight across the whole of your roof, tile by tile. 

    Now the new kid on the block is the most effective treatment for rooves – especially as an add-on service. The softwashing is a low-pressure water stream mixed with sodium hypochlorite (bleaching agent). This instantly kills bacteria, moss and algae. 

    Your tiles will stay in perfect condition, and with a soft brush, we reveal the tiles’ original colour to a like-new shade.

    Roof Cleaning Portsmouth & Moss Removal Roof Cleaning Portsmouth & Moss Removal

    Areas We Cover in Worthing

    We cover the whole of Worthing including Goring-by-Sea, Ferring, Durrington, Broadwater, Salvington, Findon, High Salvington, West Worthing and Tarring. 

    Other Exterior Cleaning Services

    We don’t just provide pressure washing services, we also cover every other aspect of exterior cleaning, including Roof CleaningRender CleaningGutter CleaningBrick Cleaning, and Solar Panel Cleaning.

    Based on 26 reviews
    Liz Brothers
    Liz Brothers
    Needed gutters cleared. Contacted REJUV EXTERIORS through Facebook. Which then had ongoing contact through messenger. Alex was quick to respond. As gutter front of property was the problem. I didn't need to take time off work. They took pictures of before and after. There was no mess to clean up one very happy customer will definitely use again
    นายจีรวิชช์ ชีพา
    นายจีรวิชช์ ชีพา
    I was hesitant about roof cleaning, but this company put my fears to rest. They were very knowledgeable and took great care in cleaning my roof. They also provided some great advice on how to maintain my roof's cleanliness. Thanks for the Rejuvenation ;)
    sasipreeya thana
    sasipreeya thana
    I hired this company to clean my roof, and I'm very satisfied with the results. Team was very friendly and accommodating. I would definitely use them again.
    Addyson Salinas
    Addyson Salinas
    Great service! The team arrived on time, and they were very polite and professional. They thoroughly cleaned my roof and even provided some maintenance tips. Highly recommend!
    Roof and gutter clean, did an excellent job, house looks new! Fantastic work and team, very professional
    Seth Chapman
    Seth Chapman
    They did an excellent job cleaning my gutters. I would definitely use them again in the future.
    Hugo Lewis
    Hugo Lewis
    I am very pleased with the work done by this company. They were able to remove stubborn stains from my siding that had been there for years. The team was professional, courteous, and worked quickly to get the job done. I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of exterior cleaning services.
    William Dixon
    William Dixon
    I had a great experience working with Rejuv Exteriors. They were able to clean my windows and make them sparkle like new. The team was friendly, efficient, and took great care to protect my property while they worked. I appreciated their attention to detail and highly recommend their services.
    Glen Wright
    Glen Wright
    I'm very impressed with the quality of work that was performed. The cleaning team was professional and did a very good job cleaning my exterior house. Very happy with everything from start to finish. I would recommend them.
    Caelan Williamson
    Caelan Williamson
    The team worked together quickly together. They were so clean, quick, and professional! They made sure every work was done perfectly. I absolutely recommend them.

    Have you Any Question?

    As every roof can be vastly different there are many factors to take into account when pricing a roof wash.
    When we come to quote your roof wash, we will take into consideration not only the size of the roof, but also things like the amount of moss on the roof tiles, access to the roof, tile type, hard to reach areas and so on.
    To receive an accurate quote one of our washing experts will visit your property so they can fully see the quirks and challenges of your roof.
    Hiring the wrong company or endeavouring to clean your own roof could lead to lots of damage to the tiles on your roof, making it appear broken and old. Hard brushes, scrapers and pressure washers could easily damage an older roof.

    This is why we use science and chemicals to clear and kill everything on your roof, so we will safely and gently remove the moss and algae in a safe controlled fashion.

    We guarantee we will not damage your roof, and we will also show you before and after photos of every aspect of your roof that we have cleaned.
    Yes, although this is one of our main targeted areas, we also cover surrounding areas in West Surrey. .
    We have several units across Hampshire, but our main office location is based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

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