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Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services in Hampshire

At Rejuv Exteriors, we specialise in revitalising outdoor spaces through expert pressure washing techniques. Whether you’re in Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, or any other area within Hampshire, our dedicated team are ready to enhance the appearance of your property. Our pressure washing (or jet washing) services in Hampshire are tailored to address the specific needs of your brickwork, patio, tarmac, block paving, or concrete surfaces. Beyond the immediate aesthetic improvements, our pressure washing services in Hampshire offer a range of benefits that contribute to the long-term health and value of your home. 

​​We don’t only pressure wash away grime and dirt, but kill and sterilise weeds and algae from deteriorating materials and potentially destroying your drive. We use chemicals (sodium hypochlorite), weed-killer, and drive sealant after washing so it protects your pristinely cleaned drive for a long time to come. Sanding your driveway or patio after cleaning is also a crucial service to have, to prevent brickwork from pinching and your driveway from moving around over time.

Pressure Washing in Hampshire

Investing in professional pressure washing is not just about aesthetics, it’s a strategic move to increase the value of your Hampshire home between 2% to 5%. Potential buyers are drawn to well-maintained exteriors, and a clean, well-kept driveway or patio can significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal. 

Our pressure washing services in Hampshire not only contribute to the immediate visual appeal but also ensure the longevity and structural integrity of your outdoor spaces, making your home a more attractive investment.

Areas We Serve in Hampshire

Our cleaning technicians are well acquainted with Hampshire and the diverse property types across the region, ensuring tailored solutions that bring out the best in your outdoor spaces. From areas within Winchester SO22, SO23, Southampton SO14, SO15, SO16, Basingstoke RG21, RG22, RG23 and Portsmouth PO1, PO2, PO3, we extend our services across various postcodes. 

We understand the unique needs of Hampshire properties and specialise in revitalising driveways, block paving, and patios, not only enhancing their aesthetics but also increasing the long-term value of your home. 

Cleaning Overview

We offer several packages which can vary depending on your driveway or patio. Below is the list of services we provide on a full driveway pressure washing package.

De-weeding driveway
Using chemical to algae and moss on driveway.
Pressure washing and removing tough dirt and stains (such as oil stains etc.).
Re-sanding brick driveways to fill gaps.
Seal your drive with a sealant to protect it and lock in the sand.

Pressure Washing Prices

Want an accurate estimate? Contact us for a quote.

These prices are calculated and represented as meters squared. They are only a rough average estimate of how much it would cost to get your driveway cleaned. It can vary depending on the material being washed, your location, and access.

Square Metres

Pressure Wash

Pressure Wash with Sealant

5m2 – 20m2



20m2 – 45m2



45m2 – 75m2



75m2 – 100m2



100m2 – 140m2



140m2 – 175m2



175m2 – 250m2



If you want another estimation, you can view the pressure washing costs data on Checkatrade.

Service Quality

Our full package will not only restore your driveway and add lots of value to your Hampshire property, but also restores the strength and health of the brick, patio, tarmac, cement, or material you may have. 

The chemicals we use to kill nasty lifeforms clean and protect the materials. The absorbent sealant will also add a layer of protection to the material and save your drive from any future erosion for many years to come. It also stops the weeds and moss from growing back as quickly.

pressure wash pressure washing services

Other Pressure Washing Services in Hampshire

Deck Cleaning

If you need your decking cleaned we also specialise in this area. We can restore your decking to a like-new colour whilst also treating the wood to avoid erosion from algae and bacteria.

We use a special chemical-free decking cleaner and household soap to kill off any algae and restore the wood’s natural colour.

After treatment, we can also seal your wood with a specialist decking sealant to protect it from further erosion. The wood absorbs the chemical also treating the structure of the wood, restoring some of its rigidity. 

This will have your decking looking bright and healthy for many years to come.

Areas We Cover in Hampshire

We cover the whole of Hampshire including Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Farnborough, Aldershot, Andover, Alton, Petersfield, Lymington, Romsey, Stockbridge, Brockenhurst, New Alresford, Emsworth, Havant and Ringwood.

Other Exterior Cleaning Services

We don’t just provide pressure washing services, we also cover every other aspect of exterior cleaning, including Roof Cleaning, Render Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Brick Cleaning, and Solar Panel Cleaning.

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If done incorrectly pressure washing can damage older concrete and pointing. It can also dig up a lot of the sand from in between bricks and block-work which is unavoidable. We do our best to be carful around older concrete and materials using different techniques to clean. We also offer an add-on service of re-sanding between brick and block-work so the driveway doesn't sink and move.
It's advised to get your drive done once a year to maintain your materials and up-keep the aesthetics.
No, it isn't necessary for you to be in but it is preferred. As long as we have access to your water source then we can just get on with the job!
No, we cover the majority of these areas but complete a lot of work in London too.

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