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Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning Services

A thorough cleaning of the exterior of your home can really make a huge impact visually. Not only does a an exterior clean make your house look good and add lots of value to your home , but it also helps maintain the materials.

At Rejuv Exteriors we offer exterior cleaning on fascias, render, brick, conservatories, and even pebble dash exteriors.

It’s very important to understand that we use different cleaning methods on each surface, as many companies use just pressure washing or chemicals on the wrong materials which can easily ruin your materials if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Service Overview

We make sure we asses the exterior of your home and come up with the best and safest method to clean and treat the exterior of your home.

Facia Washing
PVC Cleaning and Treating
Brickwork Cleaning and Treating
Pebble Dash Softwashing (Chemicals only)
Render Cleaning
Facia and Soffit Cleaning

Service Quality

We are dedicated to getting your home exterior to look as new as possible, leaving no inch untreated. We take special care when handling chemicals around plants, we water all plants and dilute concentrations so your foliage and plants are safe.

Have Any Question?

Yes we do, we clean around windows to make sure they are gleaming. We also wash the windows down to make sure we don't leave any nasty streaks.
This really is dependant on the size of the house, however generally we won't take longer than a full day to clean the whole of your house. Some smaller homes can take half a day.
Pricing can really depend on the size of the house and also the material of your home. Brick may cost less than pebble dash washing for example due to the amount of chemicals we use.

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